GR6 Mould Release

More cycles, Smoother finish, Faster turnaround
...the new GOLD Standard in mould management.

GR6 Mould Release is our toughest and best performing reinforced PTFE coating  yet. With the backing of over 2 years of development and testing and proven performance in a live composite mould environment, the all new GR6 has set new levels of durability with yields of mould cycles prior to replacement—consistently in the mid-40s.

Exceptional release characteristics allow faster turnaround between blade cycles. Combined with extra-fine surface topography, this results in finished blade quality that requires 35-40% less post mould blade processing. The end result is high quality output and a significant boost in overall plant productivity.

The combined effect of these three key advantages—more cycles, less rework, higher finished blade quality— bring a new standard to the composite mould management.

Strengths & Benefits

  • Enhanced PTFE andBiscor-higher productivityTortuous Path coating process provides optimal release capability
  • Quick mould clean-up and turnaround reduces the time between cycles
  • Advanced Coating technology blocks absorption of resin, allows clean/easy release, prolongs the life of the liner and protects the mould from contact with resin – preventing costly mould repair/replacement
  • The result is the highest number of finished cycles between replacement (number of production cycles currently in mid 40’s) which leads to greater productivity, reduced time and cost and greater profitability. 
  • Smooth surface texture produces high finished blade surface quality and a 35-40% reduction in post-moulding clean-up, saving time and expense
  • High-grade glass substrate provides strength and a smooth, consistent fabric base
  • Engineered adhesive allows for easy application, keeps liner securely in place, endures repeated cycles, and is easy to remove
  • Efficient placement and removal of mould release liner reduces down time.